About Pultimily

You are probably wondering where the word "Pultimily" comes from. It was a typo back in the days of ICQ, to be honest. I meant to type multiple but pultimily is what I got. I thought it would be a good name for a sort of utopia, so I made note of it. I often use it as a username on various sites as well.


This website I'm creating? It was originally just going to be a portfolio. I couldn't afford to renew my hosting service, so it was down for several months (actually, apparently I hadn't updated it since August 23rd 2016, that means nearly a year). I'm slowly re-building it so as to cut all the random junk and orphaned files. Right this minute, the largest purpose this site has is to anonymously collect fantasies people want to live out -- if it is ever seen by people willing to submit them.


Who am I? Well, my name is Michael Deazley. I will probably end up giving myself a whole "about" page, more of a bio, but for now I'll do a little blurb here. I went to school for 3D Animation and am attempting to finish a fantasy novel so I can try to get it published. I am also an amateur photographer. So a website porfolio is rather useful. I also have a wide range of interests and tend to babble about them on the site as well as post related links. That's why I missed having my site. Oh, and I put my Resume up here, too.