Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Only four days, that's better.

I finished draft three of Curse of Korvalas, and updated the sample chapter accordingly.

I've also finally discovered Reddit, and the writing promts subreddit amuses me greatly.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Another big gap. Oops. Sixteen days this time. In the last twelve days I've read four books. It started with one given to me by the friend I went to Hal-Con with, and it reminded me of two I had in the "to read" pile.

Hal-Con ... was pretty good, despite being a series of bad plans. It was enjoyable, though, and I plan on going again next year. Maybe as a vendor, but I don't know. I would have to start actually making things that could be sold.

Still waiting on a letter about the anxiety group therapy thing I've been referred to. Hopefully it comes soon.

Several projects in my head, need to actually do some of them.

NaNoWriMo is getting closer. I should work on actually coming up with some sort of plot.

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Oh, look at that. It's been twelve days (almost two weeks!) since I wrote anything here. I've been spending a lot of time watching videos from YouTube, discovered and binged on a sci-fi series on Netflix (Dark Matter), and ... taken a bunch of pictures of mushrooms. Oh, and I've been experimenting with making a map for Curse of Korvalas, but I haven't come up with anything I'm actually happy with. Which probably has more to do with the fact that I created the world when I was a teenager and thought it would be cool to have a continent shaped like a dragon, but in reality it just looks stupid. That and my 3D software is all outdated and my computer getting on in years as well.

I did end up picking up a Friday pass for Hal-Con. No costume/cosplay/whatever because why would I do that? I think I'll enjoy it.

Started the third draft of Curse of Korvalas and realized that worldbuilding really is something I need to actually write down. I need that stuff figured out so that I can get rid of the wishy-washy vaguely weak feeling of several of my scenes. And, you know, so that my characters all have names.

I found and typed up the original 'Micjimble' story as a writing sample despite it being horrible and downright cringe-worthy in places. Nothing wrong with reminding yourself how far you've come, or admitting you used to be that bad.

Started a greatsword prop during a stay at the camp using plywood. Need some sort of filler to build up the shape of the blade before sanding. The bloody thing has a 5'10" blade and a 2' tang. Should be rather impressive if I pull it off.

What else? I really need to get back in the habit of updating this daily instead of biweekly.

Wedensday, September 6th, 2017

I guess it's been nearly two weeks. I've picked away at a few things, making updates. Started a list of links. Not much there yet, but it'll grow.

Today was my last session with my therapist (she was a student on her practicum/work-term or whatever, so it's not like I'm "cured" or whatever). I'm gonna miss talking to her for an hour every week. I mean, I don't actually know anything about her other than her name, what University she's studying at, and that she likes board games. But I enjoyed talking to her, even though it was all uncomfortable therapy stuff. I gave her my business card, and while I kinda wanted to ask if she wanted to hang out some time now that I'm no longer a client, I assumed it still would be awkward. At least, the idea made me feel awkward enough that I didn't do it. I'm on a list for a group therapy thing starting next month, so here's hoping it helps me as much (or more!) than this did.

I completed the second draft of Curse of Korvalas, and have a whole page of notes on things I want to change (though two have been crossed off already because they would actually make the story weaker). Turns out getting a book printed (on 8.5"x11") and bound at Staples to be picked up is more expensive than having it printed as a paperback by Create Space and having it shipped. Well, having a proof printed. I'm thinking of getting at least one copy printed off so that I can read it on paper and don't want to go through the nightmare of doing so using my own printer. Also, a physical copy is easier to hand off to people I know to read it over and tell me whether they like it or not. It's not ready for Beta readers, and definitely not ready for professional editors. Once I make these changes, though, I want come honest opinions, useful feedback, and constructive criticism. I just can't afford to pay for it.

Steampunk picnic thing wasn't attended. I am planning on buying a Friday pass for Hal-Con, though money is obviously still tight. I thought I would be going shopping for some supplies to make a costume, but turns out I had a chunk of money alotted for something I hadn't actually paid for yet. So it's either the costume or Hal-Con. Since I'm not attending on the day of the Costume Contest, probably a no-brainer.

Some progress with wine.pultimily.ca has been made. Not as much as I would like, but my mind is going in a dozen directions again. I've decided to aim at having a business plan completed by the end of October. Should have been September, but I started slow, to ease back into being productive.

What are my dozen directions?

  1. Winery Business Plan
  2. Curse of Korvalas
  3. Pulitmily System
  4. Costumes (four of them? Why?)
  5. Men in Pink Stories
  6. Octobass Hurdy Gurdy
  7. Dice Box
  8. This Website
  9. Geeky/Nerdy Socialization
  10. Finding an Office/Studio/Shop type space
  11. Turning "Robin Hood in Space" into a low-budget live-action sci-fi film
  12. 3D Demo Reel

Is that actually all the projects I have in progress or being planned? Probably not. And some of those actually contain multiples, so even this list is longer than it looks. I'm trying to stay away from things that cost money and aren't working towards making me money. Not that I care about money, I just need money to do the other things on the list. And to get my own place again. Which would be great. There is a building for sale halfway between me and the city, it's gigantic. I dream of buying it and housing my Winery there. Of course, it's in need of so many renovations (it's already been gutted, but has new siding and windows/doors) it would be more practical to just build a new building for my production/storage. As this house is already in something of an "L" shape, I could put another addition on it to make it a "C" (well, backwards. I guess it's the same as a "U" or an "n", so whatever). While I'm at it, why not a garage to close it in and make it a villa? Then glass over the square in the middle to make it a greenhouse. It's only a dream, right? Or I could crunch some numbers and try crowdfunding it; maybe it would actually happen!

Oh, I just remembered I found a place that sells stilts I've been daydreaming about designing and building myself. Digilegs by Area 51. Probably a lot better looking, more functional, and safer than what I would have managed. Unfortunately, they cost something like 717.55GBP, which works out to $1145.10 (CAD) according to Google. A bit steep for something I don't know if I'd ever actually use! But they do look exactly like what I had in mind.

Friday, August 25th, 2017

I have put sample chapters for my books up. Just the first chapter of each. Well, for the Men in Pink Stories the first chapter-ish chunk from each protagonist.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Just added another section to the site, Books. I haven't published any, but here I list those I have written at least a first draft of, and one (or six, depending how you look at it) I am working on.

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday. Had an appointment with my therapist. She didn't say Happy Birthday, I was a little disappointed. I won't hold it against her, though, as it's been two or three months since I told her when my birthday was. Afterwards I went to visit a friend I haven't seen in a month or so. Swimming was potentially on the agenda, but we didn't go. We just talked and visited her birds and vegetables. Then it was home for barbeque steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob. Oh, and chocolate cake. Usually it's blueberry pie, but I didn't pick blueberries.

So today I fixed up my "home" page. Moved the news log to here. Changed the menu a bit. I was about to start a separate log about costume making, as there is an event coming up on the 36th I'm interested in and costumes are rather encouraged. I realized work needed to be done elsewhere and I didn't actually have anything to post yet, so I got distracted.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me. I started writing a first draft of the new incarnation of Curse of Korvalas (I wrote the first chapter or so I don't know how many times, but I don't have any of them that I can find) on August 6th and finished on August 15th. In nine days I spent seventeen hours writing. It was only 24280 words, though, so not really the standard Fantasy novel I was aiming for. Then again, there could be a lot added to make it a more enjoyable read. Draft number two starts ... Monday, maybe? After some more world building and character design so that I can really flesh out the rather bland scenes. I have plans for a RPG (of the pen & paper / tabletop variety) campaign that runs parallell to the story, which if I get to test run it could inspire some other points of view. More on that later, though.

While I'm mentioning things I've done in the last two weeks or so, I created a subdomain for a business I've been trying to get up and running that could actually be successful if I get the funding to really do it. It's Drunken Dragon Winery. Not much there yet, but changing that has somehow become part of my therapy (for my anxiety). I really get working on that tomorrow.

Now to go do some research on ideas for a "steampunk" sort of costume!

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

There, I added a submission form right under the menu of the landing page. Should I move this ... newsfeed? Blog? Whatever this section I ramble on in should be called. Should I move it to its own page? Should I leave it here? Should I force this div to scroll so that the banner and menu are still visible no matter how far down you read? Things to be decided at a later time. But soonish, I guess.

Unfortunately, so far this is even less mobile-friendly than my old website which is odd since I've barely changed anything.

Friday, August 4th, 2017

I have my website back up! While I do have a backup of the old one, it has so many extraneous files that I've decided to start from scratch only using it for reference. So here is the start, now I just have to wait for the internet to recognize that pultimily.ca exists again so I can see what it actually looks like.

Now it's working, so it's time to go about making it look better (or at least different) than it did before.

New background, new header image, some slightly different colours ... it's looking a bit different. I'd rather the image in the header actually be a banner, but I didn't plan it out that well. The background doesn't quite tile nicely either, for that matter. I put some standard things in my menu, but haven't really planned what I need so that is only temporary. The menu also isn't much of a menu as it doesn't have anything under the headings.

So what am I going to be putting on this website? Well, I'm not quite ready to give up on the original intention of using it to house various portfolios in an attempt to secure work as a freelance artist. But I also have a dream of providing a service not entirely unlike the premise of the show Fantasy Island. So I'm thinking of putting an anonomous submission form right here on the main page somewhere for people to send me fantasies they would like to live out for a few hours or days. That way I could maybe throw together some sort of event using common elements and see if people buy tickets. Or something like that.

I wish the window I'm typing in had spellcheck ... it would make this easier. Maybe I'll have to write my posts where I do have spellcheck and copy and paste into this document to post them.

Oh, I'll most likely be adding a subdomain for the winery I'm attempting to open. So I can have a functional website to show people what it will look like. That, and I often find it easier to keep things organized as a website. Doesn't say much for things that aren't a website, now does it?

That does bring me to something else, though. I tend to use a list of links instead of bookmarks to go to websites I like. So that will most likely happen.

Actually, maybe I'll move this generic news type blog thing to a different page so that the landing page is dedicated to asking people to submit their fantasies. Maybe not, but it's a thought. I have to relearn how to make the appropriate form, anyway.