Works in Progress

Men in Pink Stories
Barney Meets the Men in Pink

This was actually meant to be a short film because I had recently graduated from a 3D Animation Production program when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was announced and I wanted to make something to use in my demo reel so I could make an honest effort at getting hired by one of the studios that might be working on the aforementioned movie.

Barney Spume inherits a beat up antique car from his grandparents. As he examines it, he discovers a secret letter addressed to him. In this letter from his grandmother, she apologizes and informs him he is also inheriting her brother's old house. Intrigued, Barney heads to this mysterious house, only to be attacked by a supernatural creature. Corrupt magical law enforcement agents, from a secret branch of the RCMP known as the Men in Pink, arrest Barney for 'harbouring a fugitive'.

An Unexpected Journey to the Castle Unknown

Meant to be the first book in a trilogy, but upon reaching the end of the planned trilogy I only had 26554 words, which is not even half of one fantasy novel, let alone three.

Jonathan Thornburg is forced to cancel plans to go to Montreal with his best friend Sam for his 18th birthday and visit his grandmother instead. His grandmother drugs him, leads him to a secret cavern deep below her house, instructs him in performing a sacrificial rite, and pushes him in front of a moving train. Johnny finds himself on the train, unharmed, and learns he is on his way to somewhere called the Castle Unknown.

At the Castle Unknown, Johnny finds himself face to face with his supposedly deceased grandfather and is informed he is part of an ancient magical family and is there to learn to control his magic. He cannot leave until he completes an ominous Challenge.

DeBra and the Coven of Eternal Youth

Started as a Young Adult novel, possibly the first in a series, based on the self-imposed question of "What would Harry Potter be like if it were Canadian?" but quickly making changes to keep the similarities to a minimum and actually mocking the Harry Potter books a few times.

Gregory Higgins has an embarrassing incident involving caught in a bra thanks to his own subconcious use of magic, which he didn't even know existed. His family is adviced that the best course of action is for him to go to Pagan Lake Academy, in Northwestern Ontario. They agree because he wants to go, and he finds himself in a whirlwind of events, most notably (to him) the abduction of the girl whose bra was involved in the trigger fro such a drastic change in his life and the apparent lack of concern by the authorities.

A Weekend at the Stansons

So this one started as a Paranormal Romance bordering on Erotica meant for my girlfriend-at-the-time, but as it fell well outside my usual genre and knowledge base, her refusal to read it before it was finished caused me to lose interest in finishing it. The weakest part of the Men in Pink Stories, I nonetheless included it as parts of it were quite useful for where I wanted to go.

Abigail Sinclair is dragged off to one of her father's boss' famous parties, which she would rather never attend, and is shocked to discver she is being presented to their secret society as an eligible bride. She spends the weekend enduring cringe-worthy advances and fighting off rivals.

Curse of Korvalas

Based on a "novel" I started back in 1998 or 1999 when I was 15 or 16, originally titled "Micjimble", I have finished a first draft of this book. Unfortunately, that first draft is only 24280 words, so I'm not even sure it would count as a novella. The third draft only came to 33440 words.

Still lacking something. I could use some opinions from others, but not ready for Beta readers or professional editors. Maybe I should find myself a Critique Partner?


Apprentice Micjimble, an accident-prone student at the Academy of the Maw, nearly destroys the school twice in two days. His ability to survive is demonstrated, and the Council decides it would be safer for everyone if Mick (what most call Micjimble) were ... elsewhere for an undetermined length of time. He is sent on an exploratory mission that hasn't been attempted in the two thousand years since the Demon-Prince Korvalas brought about the destruction of the Empire. While Korvalas had been defeated long ago, his final curse still made travel difficult, especially in the wilder reaches of the continent. Mick ran afoul of the Curse of Korvalas once already, will he bel ucky enough to complete his mission without doing so again?

There are two sequels planned, which I suppose could go under ideas, but with such a short first volume it's likely I'm looking at a three-act story, not a trilogy. I should still outline "Return of Korvalas" and "Death of Korvalas".

Robin Hood in Space

For NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, aka November) 2016 I decided to take a public domain story and retell it. It was the first time I had ever actually participated in the challenge. I finished the book, though I only made it to 36781/50000 words. Actually, that was a second drafts. I wrote two drafts of a novel(la) in one month, including research and outlining. I'm proud of finishing it, but I haven't done anything with it since.

It's just a generic Robin Hood story, using the classic Robin Hood characters, except set in space instead of Medeival England.